Product Development

All Our ProductsIn addition to its broad line of Watersperse® retail products, Pure Touch offers custom product development options through its Spa Specific services. These services enable new or existing spa and resort facilities to enhance the unique, individual quality of their environments through the use of custom-developed body care products. Pure Touch founder and president, LuAnne Kelly-Hail works with Spa Specific customers to advise them on the products types and package options that will best reflect the image of the individual spa or resort. She uses essential oil blends to develop innovative products that embody the unique character and ambience of the facilities. The last step in the Spa Specific product development effort involves the training and demonstration in use of the products.

In creating its Spa Specific products, Pure Touch follows strict FDA (food and drug administration) guideline parameters for labeling. All Spa products that are approved for re-sale will follow the same guidelines. Packaging components will be strictly scrutinized for label applications, container durability and athletics before considerations are made for product fulfillment. Items chosen for use in the custom product line will be made in batches of no less than 48 items per size, container or blend for use in re-sale containers. Packaging ideas from around the world will be available for consideration for each spa item. As all spas are not alike, packaging will follow for each specific theme or idea precise for each spa presence. No two spa’s will ever be alike. Thorough consideration and picking a theme will be applied in all spa formulations and packaging.

Spa Specific Products
Products such as luxuriating body scrubs and wraps made from pure organic sugars, salts and/or clays can be intuitively designed to match the ambiance and direction of your specific spa or facility. Body butters, lotions and/or mixtures of exotic oils can be combined to create specialized out comes to enhance your unique spa experience.

To learn more about Spa Specific Services or inquire about the unique products that Pure Touch can develop for your spa or resort, please contact us.

Essence Specific Custom Product Development
Essential oils speak volumes in many ways to your unique clientele. Since 1987, Pure Touch has over two decades of aromatherapy practice towards development and knowledge of the use of essentials and fragrance oils. Let your clients remember you each time what a waft of a specific aroma graces their senses wherever they may be. Let that special client take one of your original scents home with them in your packaging just as a reminder of how wonderful your facility is.

In addition to its Spa Specific Services, Pure Touch can also create custom products for retail outlets that specialize in providing health and body care items to their customers. Under our Essence Specific custom-product creation capabilities, we can create unique blends of oils, lotions and body butters with custom packaging for retail outlets. Pure Touch president, LuAnne Kelly-Hail will work with retail establishments to create custom blends that reflect the unique character and ambiance of each retail venue. This custom product creation service includes working with essential oils to create fragrances, lotions, oils and body butters as well as advising on packaging options. To learn more about the unique Essence Specific products that can be created for your retail outlet, please contact us.