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Ice Chi Sport Cream

Watersperse® Massage & Bath Oil Washes Off

No more rancid sheets or stains, because the oil goes down with the wash water and not back onto your sheets.

Watersperse 8 oz Bottles


With any other massage oil during washing, the oil returns to the linens and is then put through the dryer. With other oils, rancidity occurs very rapidly on these continuously oil-soaked sheets. Watersperse® washes out in the washer and the oil does not make it into the drying process. Sheets last longer and will not smell rancid when you use Watersperse®. Take the Watersperse® Test
  • Fill any clear glass with water.
  • Squirt or pour any amount of Watersperse® into the glass and stir.
  • Notice how the water clouds.
  • Now try any other massage oils that you may have and notice the difference.
  • What you will notice is that Watersperse® mixes with water, others do not.